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Over the next year we will be exploring what resilience means to our communities in the face of natural hazard events, like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfire, and now even pandemics. These can have devastating effects on vulnerable buildings and vulnerable populations. But they do not have to become disasters. Investing in resilience is good stewardship, good governance, good for the environment, and good business. Join us in learning how owners, communities, builders, engineers and architects are reaping the benefits of The Resilience Advantage.

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November 18, 2020 at 9:30 am PDT

“Toward a Resilient Future”

Learn about which types of buildings are vulnerable to earthquakes and how and why everyone, not just owners, need to address this problem. See how performance based design and building rating systems are two important tools that are being used to improve building resilience and how owners can use these techniques to enhance and protect their assets. Leaders in the public and private sector will share their perspectives on why investing in resilience for the long term is not just a good idea, but good business too.

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