US Resiliency Council


25 April, 2022

USRC Sponsors AB 1721 – California Emergency Services Act, Which Provides $2 Billion to Make Affordable Housing Safer

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The US Resiliency Council’s mission is to improve community resilience in part through advocacy for policies that make our buildings resilient to natural disasters. We […]

18 February, 2022

Design Evolution: Resilience and Regeneration Raise the Bar for Sustainable Design

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The architectural community is evolving how it thinks about sustainable design.  The fact that design trends evolve is nothing new, but it takes experimentation and […]

30 July, 2021

The Costs of Investing in Mitigation Will Never be as High as after a Tragedy Strikes

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Evan Reis today in Temblor’s online newsletter: “It is difficult to gather the public will to invest in protecting our older building stock. But the […]

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