Coming in 2022: USRC-WIND

USRC exists to implement building performance rating systems that can transform practices in our construction and financial systems to better protect ourselves from natural hazard risks.

Experts on USRC’s WIND Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are synthesizing the best technical science for measuring the performance of structures in extreme wind. Their goal is to launch a quantitative yet easily communicated rating system for hurricane and other straight-line wind risks as well as storm surge.

Thanks to a generous grant of $300,000 from the Wells Fargo Foundation, the US Resiliency Council expects to complete the USRC Wind Rating System in 2022.

Eight of the ten costliest natural catastrophes in US history have been wind related. Typically, multiple billion+ dollar wind disasters occur each year.

The USRC Wind Rating System will evaluate:

Hurricane Wind

Hurricane induced storm surge

Storm induced straight line wind

How USRC-WIND Will Benefit Design Experts, Their Clients, and Society

Creating a wind rating system is helping the wind engineering community’s attitudes catch up with the leadership earthquake engineers have shown on performance-based design. The rating system will attract attention to wind’s outsized disaster impacts and catalyze change in construction practices and codes. – Dr. Teng Wu, New York State University at Buffalo

“Many end-clients like owners are aware of the issues but struggle to articulate their goals into something that an engineer can help them achieve. A rating system that converts the sometimes complex problems and solutions of wind risk into everyday language, like LEED did for energy and the environment, will be hugely powerful.” – Mark Chatten, Principal and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at RWDI

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