Project Description

Northwest Masonry Buildings Receive USRC Silver Rating

Northwest Concrete Masonry Association (NWCMA) is pleased to announce that the Central Spokane YMCA/YWCA recently achieved the U.S. Resiliency Council (USRC) Silver Rating. The USRC Building Rating System describes the expected impacts of an earthquake or other natural disaster on buildings. The Silver Rating indicates achievement of key performance targets including limited building damage and a shortened operational recovery time after a major seismic event. Most importantly, loss of life caused directly by building damage is not anticipated.

Tom Young, Executive Director of NWCMA, explains, “A resilient building is an asset to a community. In addition to being a good long-term investment it can often serve as a recovery operations center or provide shelter to a community impacted by a natural disaster.”

The Central Spokane YMCA/YWCA is a two-story load- bearing masonry building designed by ALSC Architects and Coffman Engineers. It utilizes both 8” and 12” concrete masonry shear walls. This was the first time the YMCA and YWCA combined resources into one facility which was designed to meet a silver LEED certification.

Achieving the USRC Silver Rating recognizes the inherent resiliency of this reinforced masonry building which was one of the first two rated under the USRC Getting-to-Silver initiative. When a natural disaster such as an earthquake strikes, it is critical to have safe buildings that sustain minimal damage and quickly achieve functionality. Resilient buildings perform well and contribute to resilient communities.

Project Details

Location Spokane, WA
Building Owner YMCA/YWCA
Engineer of Record Coffman Engineers
Architect of Record
Facility Type Recreational
Construction New
Structural System Two Story Masonry Bearing Wall
Contact (Email) Tom Young, Northwest Concrete Masonry Association