Project Description

UCD Health Center Obtains First USRC Platinum Rated University Building

The continued growth of UC Davis Health Center, combined with plans for future development, meant that additional structured parking was needed to alleviate the shortage of on-site staff parking. An underutilized site on the northeast corner of the campus was selected. As the parking structure services hospital and critical medical staff, it was important that the building be designed to remain operable following a disaster event.

The parking structure touts superior seismic performance, attributed to the Precast Hybrid Moment Frame (PHMF) system that serves as its lateral force resisting system. The ductile frame is designed to be self-righting after a major seismic event, enabling immediate re-occupancy of the structure. Parking Structure IV sets a new standard for critical infrastructure resilience as the first hospital campus and University of California owned building to be rated by the USRC.

Nearly all structural components were fabricated off-site in their entirety and then brought to the job site to be erected. Exterior facing moment frame beams and columns are architecturally finished with a unique and visually appealing form liner and sand blast, all incorporated into the prefabrication production process. This adds to the material efficiency of the building by allowing structural elements to function as architectural elements as well.

Project Details

Location Sacramento, California
Tenant University of California Davis Health Center
Engineer of Record Watry Design
Architect of Record Dreyfuss + Blackford
Builder Clark Pacific
Facility Type Parking
Construction New
Structural System Five Story Precast Hybrid Moment Frame
Contact (Email) Blake Roskelley, SE, Development Manager, Clark Pacific