Project Description

Stanford Escondido Village Graduate Residences a Safe Haven for Students on Campus

This state-of-the-art complex at Stanford University in California is more than just a home for students. This impressive collection of four residence halls, ranging in height from 6 to 10 stories, with a total of 2,434 beds, offers a safe and earthquake resilient solution to the increasing challenge of finding enough housing for the many graduate students that attend the world-renowned research university. With the completion of this new campus icon, the on-campus graduate housing rate has now grown to at least 75 percent.

What sets the Escondido Village Graduate Residence towers apart is not just their stunning size and housing capacity but their unique construction type and exceptional seismic performance. The entire above ground structural system consists of prefabricated structural components. Precast concrete floor and wall panels were fabricated offsite in a manufacturing facility about 100 miles from the campus and then delivered by truck and trailer to the site where they were erected one-by-one in a fraction of the time of conventional construction techniques. The traditional Stanford mission style exterior building skin is composed of architecturally finished structural precast panels that serve both as the building enclosure and the seismic-force-resisting system. These panels came out to the site with the windows pre-installed in the factory. The structure was designed to a standard more stringent than code requirements to provide a safe and resilient building that is more likely to be able to be reoccupied shortly following a large earthquake. Because of the special focus on resiliency in the structural design, the buildings were awarded a US Resiliency Council Gold Rating.

Project Details

Location Palo Alto, California
Tenant Stanford University
Engineer of Record John A. Martin & Associates
Architect of Record KSH Architects
Builder Vance Brown / Clark Pacific
Facility Type University Dormitory
Construction New
Structural System Special Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame
Contact (Email) Kal Benuska, SES Principal John A. Martin & Associates