USRC Underwriting Sponsor

Optimum Seismic USRC Underwriting Sponsor

Optimum Seismic, An Earthquake Retrofit Leader,
Advances Resilience As Underwriting Sponsor for USRC

Los Angeles based Optimum Seismic, Inc. has been actively partnering with USRC in public education and advocacy efforts promoting resiliency and sustainability since 2018. Optimum Seismic has committed to increase its support to $100,000 over a two-year period starting in 2020.

“As a result of their generous commitment, USRC has designated Optimum Seismic as an Underwriting Sponsor in recognition of its strong support for our important work,” says Evan Reis, USRC Executive Director and Co-Founder.

USRC was proud to be invited by Optimum Seismic to participate this past year in a series of seminars on “Creating A Safer LA County” sponsored by LA BizFed, the Southern California Association of Governments, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, and Optimum Seismic. These seminars brought the need for seismic resiliency to many business leaders.

“Optimum Seismic is dedicated to providing high quality earthquake retrofit engineering and construction services,” says Chief Operating Officer Ali Sahabi, MRED, GEC. “We look forward to working to make California cities safer through our continuing partnership with USRC.”

Optimum Seismic has completed more than 3,000 projects since 1984. It offers expert structural engineering design, steel fabrication and construction for all quake retrofit options. Its in-house team has decades of experience working to customize seismic safety projects that match clients’ goals and needs.

Earthquake retrofit services offered by Optimum Seismic include work on soft-story multifamily apartments, unreinforced masonry (URM), tilt-up, non-ductile concrete and steel moment frame commercial buildings.

Value engineering, a systematic method of achieving the optimum ratio of functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness, is used on its projects. The goal is to add value for clients by using its experience, creativity and innovation to turn visions into reality.

Optimum Seismic has values deeply rooted in seismic resiliency and sustainability, which results in an efficient balance of economics, society and environment. Optimum projects are completed in a cost-effective manner while minimizing the impact on the environment and improving the quality of life. Optimum Seismic believes superior customer service is the foundation of any business, and customizes every project to suit the individual needs of its clients.